Frequently asked questions

Will everything I donate go to families in need in Calderdale? 

Everything donated will go towards helping families in need in the Calderdale area. Some donated items that are not in high demand, where we have excess stocks may be sold at one of our nearly new sales in order to raise funds to purchase items that are needed such as mattresses for donated moses baskets, nappies and wipes. However if you request that your Items are given to families and not sold then let us know and we can honour your request.

When & Where are your Nearly New Sales?

Please see here or check our Facebook Page events listing for details of our up and coming sales

Can you accept cash donations & how will it be spent?

Cash donations please see our Donations page to find ways to donate. While we endeavour to use the majority of donated money to purchase much needed equipment we also have overheads to pay, including rent and utility bills.

Do I need to clean my things before donating them to you?

Yes Please! We are 100% volunteer run so if you don’t clean your items or freshly launder them then one of our volunteers will have to do so, most of our volunteers are busy mummies & daddies so please help us by ensuring items are clean and in good, stain free, condition before donating them. It also helps us out a great deal if you could bundle them and label them in age and gender. E.g. “0-6mth girl’s vests and sleepsuits” “age 3 boy’s trousers and tops” you would not believe the time this saves us!

What Kind of Items do you accept?

Everything that a baby or child will need growing up from Nappies to Prams, Cots to Safety gates.


How do I get a referral?

We take referrals from professionals only. If you would like to make a referral please fill in our online form .    

Can you come and collect items from me?

Yes, please leave us a message either on Facebook or on the contacts page here and we can arrange a convenient time that suits us both.  

Where are you located? 

 We are located at Unit 2 & 3 White Rose Mill, Holdsworth Road, Halifax, HX3 6SN 

When and where can I donate item’s?

You can donate items to our unit (address above) but leave us a message on our Facebook page or through the contacts page on here so we can make sure someone is there to receive your items as we may be out delivering referrals.

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